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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

My work-shop and store is in San Miguel de Allende, GTO. Mexico

I am proud of the quality of my work.  I offer mostly, FREE fixing. You pay for shipping and I will fix your Darla piece. If a stone gets broken I will cut and re-place it. If I can not get the same material then I will replace it with what I have after you make the final acceptance of color and stone.

Please e-mail with questions. darla_nordstrom@hotmail.com

Shipping from Mexico and USA.

This is a wholesale site. State tax has to be paid by the buyer, if any.

All items to be paid for with pay-pal, check deposited into U.S. checking account or credit card  drawn on my  Mexico account with HSBC.

 Please email us with questions. darla_nordstrom@hotmail.com